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Hawaii's Trusted Weight Loss Physician, Bruce Katsura, M.D.
Your dietMD Hawaii Physician
Dr. Bruce Katsura, M.D. is known as Oahu’s leading medical weight loss doctor. Dr. Katsura began offering the comprehensive dietMD medical weight loss program in 2010, after developing concerns about some of his patients who were seeking liposuction as a weight loss solution.

“Dr. Bruce” as is he called by his fond patients, says “you can’t live a diet” and focuses on helping each of his patients with caring, ongoing support based on his unique physical medicine and psychological approach. The result is dramatic, long term results achieved without hunger or cravings.

Bruce Katsura, M.D. is board certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners as well as the American Board of Physical Medicine. He received his medical education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and his residency from the University of Washington School of Medicine. 
The dietMD Hawaii Program - Transforming Health and Lives
The dietMD Hawaii clinics offer a clinically proven, holistic program that combines diet, appetite suppression, and lifestyle support. The program is individualized for each patient so that they not only reach their weight loss goals safely and rapidly, but also learn how to keep it off and maintain their improved health.

Bruce Katsura, M.D. emphasizes that the weight loss practice is first and foremost about doing the right thing for the patient. He and his staff have helped 1000s of Hawaii residents to claim their best health.

Our program aims to support you in your weight loss goals, while helping you transition into healthier eating habits and a more active lifestyle. The results speak for themselves.
Oahu's Trusted Weight Loss Physician, Bruce Katsura, M.D. 
with Happy, Successful Patients.
2 Clinic Locations on Oahu
Dr. Katsura and his staff currently offer the dietMD Hawaii weight loss program at 2 locations. In Honolulu, the clinic is located in Paiko Building (middle building) , St. Francis Medical Center. Thursdays, the clinic is held in Aiea at the Mary Savio Medical Plaza. Free medical consultations are offered to ensure that the program is a good fit for each patient.

Christine L. lost 50 LBS

"It feels incredible! I can fit into nice clothes. I never turn down invitations now. I have a lot more self-confidence and my body is healthier. I don't have the problem with my joints I had before."

Dr. Christopher C. lost 29 LBS

"I was very impressed with how Dr. Katsura took into consideration the health status of the patient prior to prescribing any types of medication to help with the weight loss program. He did an EKG, a blood test and I thought that was important to make sure that you're healthy enough to go through his program. It was very motivational and informative. I felt very safe."

Kimo V. lost 40 LBS

"My energy level has gone up. My clothes fit a lot better. I am way happier now because it's almost like freedom."

Cindy S. lost 25 LBS

"I've tried numerous diets but this one is easier. You eat, you don't get hungry. Your food is accessible. I lost the weight quickly in 30 days. I was very excited because I got instant results! I feel great and I am happier."

Jill D. lost 37 LBS

"It feels great! I'm not ashamed of my body, I'm proud of it! Dr. Katsura has changed my life! I'm definitely happier. It's a lot easier to be happy in the inside. Now, I feel I'm wrapped in a pretty bow."
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