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Eat More Fat - Good Fat Such As Coconut Oil

Sometimes You Need To Eat More Fat

Sometimes people who are trying to lose weight can risk their health by cutting out all fat. It can be good advice, even when dieting, to eat more fat.

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Understanding Negative Calorie Foods

What About Negative Calorie Foods?

Understanding what negative calorie foods are and how they can be part of your healthy eating plan is important.

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Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid

Food Pyramid and Your Health

The Food Pyramid we grew up following wasn’t very healthy. Here’s how it has evolved, with some even healthier Food Pyramids.

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Chia Seed is a Superfood

Chia Seed – An Easy Win for Health

Chia seed, or Chia Gel made of Chia seeds, is a nutritional superfood that offers health benefits whether or not you need to lose weight.

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Grocery IQ Test

Take the Grocery IQ Test

Score yourself on our Grocery IQ Test – do you have healthy, nutrient-dense foods in all these categories in your kitchen right now?

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Healthy Eating

Rules for Healthy Eating

Here are a dozen “Rules” for Healthy Eating. Did I miss any that you follow?

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You may be magnesium deficient

Why You’re Probably Magnesium Deficient

Since half of the American population has a magnesium deficiency, it’s time to talk about why you’re probably magnesium deficient, and its impact on weight.

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lose ten pounds yearly with green tea

An Easy Way to Lose Ten Pounds

There are over a dozen very good reasons to add green tea to your lifestyle. One is that it alone can help you lose ten pounds yearly.

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Attack of the Snacks

Attack of the Snacks

It’s not enough to understand good snacks – you need to be aware of the deviousness of the bad snacks, and how you can make snacking healthy.

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Saturated Fat and Other Food Villans

Saturated Fat and Other Food Villains

If you’ve been told that all is well as long as you avoid saturated fat, you’ve been misinformed. New research makes food villains and healthy diet clearer.

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