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Diet Plans - Six Tips For Comparing Them

Comparing Diet Plans – 6 Tips

Here are six considerations to take into account when you are comparing diet plans. Your goal is keeping the weight off long-term in a healthy way.

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Lose 30 Pounds By New Years

You Can Lose 30 Pounds By New Years

If you commit NOW to the dietMD Hawaii Medical Weight Loss program, you can be on track to lose 30 pounds by New Years. What a Happy New Year THAT would be!

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Understanding Type III Diabetes

Have You Heard Of Type III Diabetes?

If you’ve never heard of type III diabetes and you’re overweight, here’s some serious motivation to change your lifestyle now. This is important.

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But I'm Not Eating Much

But I’m Not Eating Much

If you’re not eating much to lose weight, without the right precautions, you may be undermining your success and setting yourself up to GAIN weight instead.

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Limit Obesogen Exposure

Limiting Obesogen Exposure

These are the steps you can take to limit exposure to common obesogens such as BPA and PFOA, as well as to speed up obesogen detoxification.

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Obesogens Can Block Fat Loss

Obesogens Can Block Fat Loss

Obesogens are environmental factors that can make it easy to gain weight, and difficult to lose it. Weight loss can be easier when you understand them.

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Why people regain weight

4 Reasons People Regain Weight

There are predictable reasons why some people regain weight. Here are four to make sure you avoid, to maintain your weight loss.

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Pre-Diabetic - Diabetes Prevention

Are You Pre-Diabetic?

If you are pre-diabetic, it’s essential that you understand that you can take action to prevent diabetes and reduce your risk by at least 58% in 30 days.

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Lose 30 Pounds by Christmas

Want to Lose 30 Pounds By Christmas?

Want to Lose 30 Pounds By Christmas? It’s very doable with medical weight loss!

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Obesity and Arthritis

Obesity and Arthritis are Connected

Obesity and arthritis are associated, and losing as little as 11 pounds can reduce your risk of arthritis by 50%, or offer pain relief if you are affected.

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