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Ghrelin, Leptin and Insulin Influence Food Intake

Ghrelin: the Hunger Hormone

Craving fatty, high-calorie foods? There’s a hormone for that. Ghrelin is produced by cells in the gastrointestinal tract when your stomach is empty, and its levels shrink when you’re full. In this respect it operates in the opposite way from Leptin, which increases when your body is satisfied and decreases when it wants calories. In […]

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Exercise to avoid a metabolic penalty

Metabolic Penalty: Reality or New Myth?

One simple way to beat the metabolic penalty trap is exercise. Build muscle mass. Muscle requires more energy to maintain than fat does, so building muscles causes your metabolism to function at a higher rate. Plan to stay active once you have lost weight.

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Tips for Keeping To Your Diet

Keeping to Your Diet: Tips to Ensure You Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Weight loss and keeping to your diet is a lifestyle process, not an occasional thing. Make it part of your life. Research shows that habits are powerful forces; if you make eating right and exercising regularly, then keeping to your diet regimen and meeting your weight loss goals will become part of everyday life rather […]

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Core Sliders are portable exercise equipment

Easy Exercise At Home With Gliding Disks

Gliding disks are an easy, portable, inexpensive and fun way to add some new exercises to your routine. Learn more about the benefits and how they’re used for strengthening your core.

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Better New Years Resolutions

Better Way To Make New Years Resolutions

There’s a better way to make New Years resolutions that actually has a good chance for success, and doesn’t set you up for salf-sabotage.

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Sugar Hangover After The Holidays

Sugar Hangover Recovery

The only bright side of a sugar hangover is that you can beat it quickly with these tips, and gain a better understanding of the damage sugar is doing.

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30 day strategy for weight loss

30 Day Strategy For Lifestyle Change

A 30 day strategy can be a good first step towards lifestyle change that helps you lose weight permanently. You can make a 30 day change. It’s up to you whether you continue.

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Zumba Fitness Class

Zumba Dance Is A Fun Way To Keep Weight Off

Zumba dance classes are a surprisingly fun way to keep active and keep the weight off. Find one in your area and give it a try. Here’s what you’ll find.

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Coping with Food Pushers

Avoiding Food Pusher Traps

Food pushers are part of journey for everyone who decides to lose weight. Here’s how to avoid food pusher traps so you don’t set yourself up to fail.

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Take a Daily Multivitamin

Get Your Daily Vitamins

If you don’t take a daily multivitamin, you are probably vitamin deficient – and that could be a factor that makes it more difficult for you to lose weight.

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