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Your doctor can help with menopause weight gain

How To Avoid Menopause Weight Gain

Menopause weight gain isn’t inevitable. Here’s what you can expect, and what to do to keep slim through the changes that menopause will bring to your body.

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Have a guilt free Thanksgiving feast

7 Tips For A Guilt Free Feast

It’s harvest feast time. Here are seven tips to help you keep your weight loss goals on track, even at a Thanksgiving feast. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Lose weight after 50

Lose Weight After 50 – 6 Critical Tips

Here’s a list of the most important tips to help you lose weight after 50 – of course it can be done, and probably no other decision will impact you more.

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30-day Trial for Weight Loss

30-Day Trial For Weight Loss

Choose a 30-day trial for weight loss, and you’ll have the opportunity to choose a better habit for your health. Here are some good examples.

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Lose Weight For The Beach

Lose Weight For The Beach

Summer is fast approaching, so if you’re looking at building that beach body, now is the time to start. You still have enough time to shed pounds at a healthy pace. If your goal is to lose weight for the beach, and to look good for that summer vacation, here are some tips to get […]

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Leptin vs Ghrelin

Leptin: Weight Loss Holy Grail? Not So Fast. . .

Leptin is a powerful hormone that influences both appetite and the desire for exercise. Early research into it showed considerable promise as a weight loss aid, particularly thanks to a study at Columbia University in New York.

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What Science Says About Losing Weight

Losing Weight: What Does the Science Say?

Here’s what the science says about losing weight, including six weight loss tips you can use every day to help take the pounds off.

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Understanding Healthy Carbs

Healthy Carbs To Keep In Your Lifestyle

You won’t be able to lose weight and keep it off in the long run unless you understand which choices are healthy carbs, and which are unhealthy. Read more.

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Proven weight loss tips

7 Proven Weight Loss Tips

This is a list of seven of the most powerful proven weight loss tips. While there is more you can do to lose weight, this is a very good place to start.

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4 Ways To Beat A Weight Loss Plateau

4 Reasons For A Weight Loss Plateau

When you start losing weight and then it inexplicably stops, it’s frustrating and can be hard to get past. Here are four reasons for a weight loss plateau.

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