Serious About Fat Burning?

“I’m not willing to give up soda! It quenches my thirst and water doesn’t!”

This isn’t someone who’s serious about fat burning, weight loss, and health. Unfortunately, they might be visiting me again when they have a pre-diabetic diagnosis, or when they are looking at an alternative to bariatric surgery.

What It Means To Be Serious About Fat Burning

When you’re serious about fat burning, you admit to yourself that what you’ve been doing isn’t working. They say the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing but expect different results. It’s time to quit planning a change “tomorrow”, or convincing yourself that popping a pill is going to give you the body you want.

It Starts With Food Choices

Fat Burning Is PossibleYou’re going to learn to eat different, real foods. No gimmicks, no instant solutions. Obesity is at least partially a disease of malnutrition in many cases. To lose weight permanently, you need to learn to eat clean, read food labels and make smarter carb choices. You’ll eat nutritious food that tastes good.

You’ll still eat carbs – your body needs them. However, they won’t be empty carbs, and they won’t be fast-burning ones that are instantly converted to sugar in your bloodstream.

Instead, you’ll discover slow carbs – carb choices with high fiber that burn slowly, giving you the energy you need for the long term without blood sugar spikes that increase insulin resistance and cause your body to pack on fat.

Training Your Body To Burn Fat

There are only three macronutrients: fat, protein, and carbohydrate. Most people think that cutting fat will help them lose weight, but odds are good you’ll need to cut carbs, and possibly increase your fat intake. It’s an oversimplification, but your body is going to use either carbs (sugars) or fat as fuel.

If you had a gasoline engine that you wanted to convert to run on another fuel, you’d expect to have to make some changes to the functioning of that engine, and it’s no different with your body. To teach your body to burn fat, you will feed it (under our doctor’s supervision) a diet consisting of almost entirely protein and fat for a period of time. You’ll retune your “engine” to burn fat, and when you do, it will also happily consume the overly large stores of fat that your body built up while consuming a high-carb diet.

This fat burning state is called ketosis. It’s not your goal to permanently keep your body in a ketogenic state, but it’s necessary to reteach your body to burn fat for fuel. Once you do this successfully, the right types of carbs (slow carbs with high fiber) are reintroduced, and your meals will become more varied.

What Has To Change Permanently To Burn Fat?

If you want a fat burning body on a permanent basis, some changes have to occur.

  • You’ll read all food labels
  • You’ll buy (and eat) very little processed food
  • You won’t choose “fast food”
  • You won’t drink sugar-sweetened drinks of any type
  • You’ll consume very little sugar
  • You’ll eat clean, with lots of vegetables and lean protein
  • You’ll probably become more active
  • You’ll stop self-sabotaging and take an active role in your health
  • You’ll get help when you need it.

A Fat Burning Body Leads To Permanent Weight Loss

Making the right eating choices is the biggest part of the battle for permanent weight loss. When you teach your body fat burning, the weight loss happens fast. When you eat right, the weight stays off.

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