Why The Mediterranean Diet Might Suit You

Eat, Drink, and Live Longer…?

Food from the Mediterranean DietFor the longest time, scientists were stumped by the fact that peoples living in the Mediterranean rim stayed very healthy despite the fact that they consumed lots of bread and oil. They also drink quite a bit of alcohol, particularly wine.

Even after factoring in the usual suspects of age distribution, genetics, and lifestyle/culture, scientists were quite astounded to see that people living in the Mediterranean had very good health and mortality outcomes compared to other populations.

It’s All About The Right Choices

We now know that a lot of this boils down to the specific types of foods Mediterranean cultures eat. In fact, a lot of research into this phenomenon seems quite counterintuitive. Normally, alcohol consumption and eating a fat-rich and carbohydrate-rich diet is a one-way ticket to health problems like obesity, heart disease, and other health problems.

Well, Mediterranean cultures actually achieve better health because they consumed the right kind of alcoholic drinks and ate the right kinds of rich foods. They also avoid processed foods and stick to a diet where you rarely have to read the food labels. You can enjoy the same rich Mediterranean diet and get the same heart and health benefits by following the tips below.

The Mediterranean Diet Manifesto

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Enjoy The Distinct Charms And Benefits Of Healthy Olive Oil

By enjoying a nice vinaigrette dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, you can treat yourself to a great salad dressing while still skipping out on unhealthy fat. While olive oil is a fat food, it is a ‘good fat.’ This means you get to enjoy the satisfying ‘weight’ of oil but you don’t have to worry about cholesterol or saturated fats.

Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat. This means it has a type of fat that lowers your blood’s levels of unhealthy or low-density lipoprotein (LDL) fat. By keeping your LDL in check, your circulatory system is healthier. However, the good news about olive oil doesn’t end there. Besides being heart-healthy, olive oil also has linoleic acid, which is a type of Omega-3 fatty acid. Omega 3s are very helpful to your health because they reduce harmful triglyceride levels, reduce blood clots, and help with blood pressure.

Drink Red Wine And Live Life To The Fullest

Mediterranean cultures are known for their love of life and great meals. And nothing tops a great meal more than a fine glass of red wine. Usually, alcohol consumption is bad news. However, a glass of red wine not only helps take the edge off but actually packs quite a health benefit.

Not only has moderate consumption of red wine been linked to reduced levels of heart disease, red wine also packs a substance that has shown great promise in fighting cancer. Antioxidants are very important chemical compounds that help reduce cancer. Red wine contains a particularly strong antioxidant called resveratrol. This compound has been linked to reduced rates of certain types of cancer. Although resveratrol is available in tablet format, it seems to be most effective in its original form, in a glass of red wine.

Go Heavy On The Greens

Another distinguishing mark of Mediterranean cuisine is its emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. A plant-heavy diet has been shown to increase health due to its richness in vitamins and nutrients. Also, a plant-heavy diet tends to be heavier in fiber, which helps people lose weight or stay trim. That’s because fiber-rich foods give people the feeling of being fuller longer. This natural appetite suppression works wonders for people looking to stay slim.

If you have been looking for a diet that lets you enjoy great-tasting food without having to count calories obsessively, definitely try the Mediterranean diet. Live life to the fullest and get trim at the same time.

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One Response to Why The Mediterranean Diet Might Suit You

  1. limcid July 16, 2014 at 8:05 am #

    I did a green juice fast once, and after just two weeks my tastes for foods completely transformed. I had incredible energy, focus, and skin! After coming off of the green juicing, I couldn’t go back to eating like I used to because I just had come to love vegetables and fruits so much. So, I could easily handle a Mediterranean Diet with no struggles at all.

    I recommend green juicing for just a couple of weeks as a quick way to get to know the joys and benefits of vegetables and fruits (in that order). The experience will really transform the way you think and make something like the Mediterranean Diet a real workable solution.

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