Positive Body Image

3 Steps to Choosing a Positive Body Image

If you’ve decided it’s time to get healthy and lose weight, it’s helpful to “get on your own team” at the beginning by choosing a positive body image.

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A healthy body image is important to good health

Healthy Body Image and Fat-Phobia

American culture has a bias at work that tries to confine acceptable body image to a narrow standard, while ignoring the reality of the majority.

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Reasons You May Be Procrastinating Getting Slim

Reasons You May Be Procrastinating Getting Slim

Let’s review the reasons you may be procrastinating getting slim – because losing weight permanently IS possible.

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Seven Greatest Keys to Successful Weight Loss

The Seven Greatest Keys to Successful Weight Loss

If you don’t understand the seven greatest keys to successful weight loss, you’re unlikely to succeed in your journey to overcome obesity. Here they are.

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The impact of alcohol on obesity

The Impact of Alcohol on Obesity

The impact of alcohol on obesity is not only extra calories that can get stored as fat, but also extra unrecognized sugars and blocked satiety signals.

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Bad Eating Habits Can Lead to Weight Gain

Bad Eating Habits That Lead To Weight Gain

There are a few bad eating habits to watch out for that can make it difficult to lose weight. Do any of these sound familar?

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What We Think Motivational Quote

Best Weight Loss Motivational Quotes

Need an internal monologue that supports your weight loss goals? Here are some of the best weight loss motivational quotes to add to your self-talk.

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Pea Protein Powder Helps Dieters

The Best Protein Powders for Dieters

It’s important to ensure you’re getting enough protein while dieting. This article explains why, and which are the best protein powders for dieters.

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Dieting Obsession isn't Health

Weight Loss Addiction Consequences

Good health that is sustainable for the long term is much more important than the latest “get slim fast” fad, because weight loss addiction is dangerous.

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Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity – A Family Issue

Childhood obesity is growing and leads to risk of diabetes, heart disease, and more. You can save your children by instilling healthy habits today.

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sleep apnea treatment with cpap machine

The Impact of Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is common in overweight individuals, often undiagnosed, and sometimes life-threatening. The great news? Weight loss can be a cure.

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Self-Acceptance and Confidence Support Each Other

Self-Acceptance Supports Weight Loss – Tips

There’s a feedback loop between self-acceptance and self-confidence that you can put to work to help you lose weight. Here are some tips.

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Planning for Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Pregnancy doesn’t have to ruin your figure permanently. You need a plan for healthy eating and exercise. Read our post-pregnancy weight loss tips.

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Mediterranean Diet

Why The Mediterranean Diet Might Suit You

Is the Mediterranean Diet Right For You? Today we discuss the basics of a healthy eating plan that works for many. Perhaps it’s a good fit for you.

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Dealing with Emotional Food Cravings

Dealing With Emotional Food Cravings

The first step in dealing with emotional food cravings is to recognize them. One you begin to notice emotional eating, you can learn to deal with it.

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Obesity and Insulin Resistance

The Deadly Spiral of Overweight and Fatigue

Overweight and fatigue often go together, because they operate in downward spiral where each feeds the other. If you are obese and exhausted, read this.

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Stomach and intestinal bacteria

Foods To Eat For Gut Health

The microflora in your gut are a big part of overall gut health, and that impacts weight loss.

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Introduction to Paleo - the Caveman Diet

Eating Like a Caveman – An Introduction to Paleo

The Paleo Diet focuses on nutritious and simple, minimally-processed food. Here’s an introduction to Paleo. Parts of the “caveman diet” may work for you.

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Late Eating Effects Sleep

Why Eating Late Hurts Weight Loss

Learn why eating late hurts weight loss, as well as six tips to help avoid evening snacking.

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How much pregnancy weight gain is normal

How Much Weight Gain During Pregnancy is Normal?

How much weight gain during pregnancy is normal? Here’s what you need to know.

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