10 Things That Can Block Weight Loss

10 Things That Can Block Weight LossWhen you genuinely feel that you’re doing everything right, and the excess weight still won’t come off, it’s time to learn about the sneaky things that can block weight loss, and get professional help. I hear from so many people some variation of “I don’t really eat a lot and I’m active, but the extra weight just won’t come off.”

I know from my professional practice that a weight loss doctor can really help you identify what’s blocking your weight loss, and how to get to your target weight – as almost all of my patients do.

10 Tricky Things That Can Block Weight Loss

Here are a few of the reasons an individual can be having trouble losing weight, even if they eat a reasonable amount and are somewhat active. You’ll probably notice just by reading this list that often these issues can be interrelated.

  1. Processed, packaged foods, possibly containing preservatives and other chemicals. These can lead to nutritional deficiencies too, causing you to eat more as your body searches for the nutrients it needs.
  2. Exposure to obesogens and other toxins, particularly if your liver is having trouble handling the load. Toxins that can’t be excreted are stored in fat. Improving bile flow can help your liver “take the garbage out”.
  3. Hormonal disregulation, particularly leptin, the hormone which controls appetite. When leptin receptors are damaged or dysfunctional (resistant), metabolism slows down. The hormone ghrelin can also be an issue, triggering overeating. Hypothyroidism is another hormonal issue which can make losing weight very difficult. Reproductive hormones that are out of balance can trigger weight retention too.
  4. Food sensitivities or intolerances. Common ones include soy, corn, dairy, eggs, gluten. This isn’t necessarily an allergy, but it does increase inflammation and may make the hormone leptin less effective.
  5. Too much stress. Chronic stress makes your adrenal glands less effective, and this causes your body to store more fat. Healthy sleep is often affected by stress too, and may well deserve its own place on this list.
  6. Gut dysbiosis: an imbalance of bacteria in your digestive system.
  7. Too much sugar, which not only feeds “bad” gut bacteria, but makes you accumulate fat and feel sluggish.
  8. Emotional or mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety or eating disorders.
  9. Prescription drug side effects that cause weight gain or retention.
  10. Mold exposure, which can increase inflammation and damage weight-control centers in your brain.

Fixing Issues That Block Weight Loss

It’s frustrating when the weight just won’t come off, so once you figure out which issues block weight loss for you, it can make a real difference to your quality of life. In some cases, just making one change (the right one change) can be the key to regaining your long-lost slim body and keeping the weight off for good. A single one of the issues I mentioned above can do more than block weight loss: it can trigger other serious health issues or painful inflammation that impacts your quality of life. It’s important to get the help you need to identify and resolve these challenges.

Your Inability To Lose Weight Is An Important Signal

If you really think you “should” be losing weight, given your eating habits and level of activity, and you’re not… your body is signaling you that there is something wrong. Getting to the root of the issue which is blocking your weight loss can also give you the opportunity to identify the root cause of other health issues, and fix it.

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