How to Lose Pregnancy Weight

Tips for Post Partum Weight LossLosing the weight after you have given birth is sometimes a difficult task, but it is achievable. When you focus on eating nutritious food and getting some gentle exercise, you can lose the baby weight quickly and keep it off. It is very important that you DO lose pregnancy weight as quickly as possible, because leaving the excess weight on will lead to all of the health complications associated with being overweight.

There are a few ways that you can expedite the reduction in pregnancy fat such as breast feeding, eating super-foods, drinking plenty of water, watching your sleep and leaning on available social support networks.

Breast Feeding

Breast feeding has been found to burn calories and help regulate fluids that can accumulate during pregnancy. There is anywhere from 8-20 lbs of excess fluid in your body just after giving birth, and it can take up to 2 weeks to lose this fluid weight. Allowing your body to go through this natural process will help you lose baby weight more efficiently and with less stress.

Superfoods Help Lose Pregnancy Weight

Lose Baby WeightThere are many options with super-foods that can help increase the needed nutrition while minimizing the extra calories. If you focus on eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and consuming plenty of clean purified water, the excess pregnancy weight will seem to drop off your body.

You shouldn’t focus on reducing what you eat, as this leads to hunger and overeating. Instead focus on eating more healthy fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean meats and low-fat dairy, which will satisfy your hunger and give you more energy to get the necessary exercise.

Get Some Sleep!

When you are adjusting to the new and often sporadic sleep cycle of your baby, your own sleep will definitely be impacted. Studies show that getting adequate sleep is paramount to weight loss, and especially losing baby weight. It is recommended that you mimic the babies sleeping behavior by napping and sleeping at the same times, to maximize the amount of rest that you can obtain.

Social Support Networks Help

As with anything else in life, social support is the key to consistency and motivation. If you feel that you are having trouble sticking with your nutrition and exercise routines, then join a group of new moms and form a support network that will help you stay more accountable. Support will provide a valuable motivation boost when working on your post-partum weight loss goals.

Following these recommendations, you will normally be able to lose pregnancy weight and keep it off. If you have any challenges, contact us for a consultation if you’re in Hawaii. You may also want to review the weight loss tips page on this site for some more ideas. Your optimum health depends on you to lose pregnancy weight fast and keep it off.

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