Controlling Hunger Cravings

Controlling Hunger CravingsMany people fear going on a diet because they don’t want to suffer hunger cravings. It’s important to understand that healthy weight loss isn’t about starvation, it’s about changing unhealthy lifestyle choices in a workable manner.

Fiber Helps Hunger Cravings

One of the first keys to weight loss without hunger pangs is to increase fiber intake. At dietMD Hawaii, our patients learn to eat real food and avoid processed foods that often have very little fiber left. Real foods with fiber digest slowly and give a sense of satiation that helps overcome hunger.

Water (Hydration) Is Important Too

Eating fiber requires drinking lots of water. Hydration is an important part of weight loss, and drinking sufficient non-sweetened drinks helps your intake of fiber swell and gives you that sensation of fullness. Even water alone without the fiber can help fill your stomach and reduce feelings of hunger.

Research has shown that sometimes sensations of dehydration are mistaken for hunger, prompting eating when it’s not necessary. Keeping yourself well-hydrated helps keep the extra pounds off!

Soups can also be a very nutritious way of getting better hydrated. Typically, though, you’ll have to make your own, since most store-bought soups don’t tend to be very healthy or fit our “real food” philosophy. Check out our fat-burning soup recipe.

Getting The Nutrition You Need

Obesity has been called a disease of malnutrition. Even if you eat a lot, if you are making poor or incomplete dietary choices, some of your drive to eat may be coming from missing nutrients in your diet. When you drop the processed foods and refined sugars and feed your body healthy protein and a wide variety of vegetables, hunger cravings can suddenly cease because your body is enjoying being well-nourished.

Beating Sugar Cravings

Sugar consumption makes you crave more sugar (and food). The brain chemicals that are released when eating sugar give you a short-term rush of good feelings and leave you wanting more… more sugar, and more food. When you overcome your sugar addiction and drop the high sugar consumption from your diet, the blood sugar swings calm down, and so do the cravings.

Part of this is recognizing that supposedly “healthy” foods such as juices or sweetened yogurts are crammed with sugar. Once you learn to read product labels correctly and understand how to choose healthy foods, it gets easier to keep the sugar cravings at bay – and that makes it easier to control hunger cravings.

Another trick is to discover healthy snacks, and ensure you are eating regularly so that your body isn’t struggling with low blood sugar due to long gaps between meals. Regular fueling helps overcome hunger!

Appetite Suppressant Prescription Drugs Are An Option

With doctor-supervised medical weight loss, there’s no reason to be made uncomfortable by hunger cravings while losing weight. If you’re suffering, I can help you with a prescription for appetite suppressing drugs such as Phentermine. Not all of my patients need it – our program doesn’t require prescription appetite suppressants, but they are available if needed to those enrolled in the dietMD Hawaii program. Please note that I don’t prescribe Phentermine alone – it is only used when required as part of a comprehensive weight loss program.

When you make the right lifestyle choices and get the support you need in a medical weight loss program, there’s simply no need to suffer hunger cravings for long while you lose weight.

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