Dr Bruce Explains Medical Weight Loss

Hawaiians – Are You Ready to Succeed With Medical Weight Loss?

medical weight loss doctorMedical Weight Loss works – my patients are the proverbial “living proof”. I’m not talking surgery here, I’m talking about a scientifically-sound weight loss program offering support in lifestyle change. We include prescription weight loss medication where necessary as well.

The Centers for Disease Control tell us that more than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese.

“Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death.”

– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Weight Loss Without Hunger or Cravings

One of the reasons our dietMD Hawaii Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss program works is that we know it’s tough to reach your weight loss goal if you’re struggling with hunger. As my patient, you will eat a strictly calorie-restricted diet, particularly at first, if you have ambitious weight loss goals. However, I ensure you get adequate nutrition so the weight stays off after this phase, and that you don’t suffer hunger pangs during it.

No Gimmicks

If you’ve struggled with your weight for years or decades, or spent energy, hope and a fortune in weight loss gimmicks, it’s time to get serious about your weight loss goal. Choose to either remain as you are, or come in for a free consultation and discover how medical weight loss can really get you to the weight you desire to be.

Creeping Obesity in Hawaii

Although Hawaii isn’t a state with an extremely high rate of obesity on average, the tragic truth is that the obesity rate in the native Hawaiian population is far above average. More than 39 percent of the native Hawaiian population is obese (2006 figures).

In spite of living in one of the best states for an active lifestyle, many of us get busy and end up failing to make time for exercise. Time pressure can lead to poor nutrition too – “fast” foods are almost universally examples of foods that will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Healthy eating takes time, education, and sometimes money. Fresh foods often require more preparation, learning new recipes, and the ingredients can be more expensive than sugar and refined carbohydrate laden meal choices. We end up buying white bread, pasta, and sugar-packed cereals – they’re fast and easy to serve… and the result is that obesity is reducing our life spans, and our children will probably have fewer years to live as well. It’s been proven that obese parents tend to raise obese children…

Good Nutrition is Part Of The Answer

Taro patches along Highway 36 Hawaii 1973Traditional Hawaiian foods included healthy choices like taro and fresh fish – and grabbing a Filet-o-Fish and fries at McDonalds is not an equivalent choice.

Worse, the more fast food and junk food we eat, the more we may become dependant on it. These sugar and refined carbohydrate foods give us blood sugar highs that can feel addicting. The more we ride the sugar-roller coaster, the worse it gets – no wonder sugar consumption is up and so is the prevalence of diabetes.

The average person consumes more than 150 pounds of sugar per year. We just didn’t evolve for this – in the year 1700, the average was 7.5 lbs per person. That’s twenty times as much sugar today! This leads to an epidemic of obesity, dental disease, diabetes and other health problems. One of the awful things from your perspective, as you try to lose weight, is that a lot of this sugar is found in “fat-free foods”. Unfortunately these “fat free” products are commonly laden with high-fructose corn syrup. Many of today’s so-called “diet” products seem to conspire to keep you fat. If they worked, you might no longer purchase them.

What’s Different About dietMD Hawaii Medical Weight Loss?

So what makes the difference between all the failed diets, and actually reaching your weight loss goal?

  • Individualized support in your weight loss journey
  • Prescription support when appropriate
  • Your doctor’s assistance in dealing with medical conditions that may create challenges
  • Education in adjusting your lifestyle habits to maintain weight loss
  • Professional and personalized nutritional counseling information
  • A clear understanding and ongoing measurement of your BMI (Body Mass Index) and body fat
  • A personally customized program that is appropriate for you
  • Appropriate vitamin, mineral, and anti-oxidant supplements
  • Hydration
  • Stress management
  • Keeping a health log
  • The right attitude – you really have to choose to change your eating and activity habits.

Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

At dietMD Hawaii, we run Hawaii’s only board-certified doctor-supervised medical weight loss program. 80% of our patients who participate in our program for over three months are satisfied with their weight loss, and most maintain that weight loss long-term. Many of our patients are so pleased with their results and our support that they choose to participate in our ongoing maintenance program.

As I said earlier, it’s time to make a choice. If you don’t want to change your eating or your lifestyle, look in the mirror and say “I choose to stay at this weight“. If you want to lose weight, effectively and permanently, fill out the form and book a no-obligation consultation in our Honolulu office, and learn why medical weight loss will work for you.

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