Extreme Weight Loss Is Achievable

Extreme Weight LossExtreme weight loss is more than a TV show that ended in 2015. For many people, extreme weight loss is a dream… and some make it a goal. A few of those come in to talk to me, and then achieve it.

What Is Extreme Weight Loss?

Many of my patients are happy to permanently lose even 10 pounds, but for some, more significant weight loss is needed to help them achieve their goal weight. Prior to consulting me about medical weight loss, some of them thought that bariatric surgery was their only option.

As you’ll see in our weight loss clinic testimonials, we have many patients who have lost in excess of 50 pounds. Check out John, who lost 100 pounds (and the need for his medication)!

Some people define extreme weight loss as losing half your body weight, but in general if you need to lose 15% of your body weight and keep it off, and you succeed in that goal, you’re doing much better than most people who attempt to diet. Many of our patients do significantly better than that.

Most dietMD Hawaii Patients Achieve Their Goal Weight

In the dietMD Hawaii Medical Weight Loss practice, over 80% of our patients reach their goal weight. More importantly, roughly the same percentage keep the weight off long term. That’s because we do more than help you lose pounds – we help you make lifestyle changes that support long-term weight loss, with no fads or gimmicks.

What About Extreme Weight Loss?

Well, on the TV show of that name, host and personal trainer Chris Powell helped over a dozen people per season lose significant amounts of weight. Some of the techniques he used are also used in my practice.

  • Patients learn to stay hydrated by drinking more water (and eliminating sweetened drinks). Drinking more water increases your metabolism and helps you feel less hungry.
  • Chris Powell’s participants learned to appreciate drinking tea, both hot and cold, and so do my patients. Green tea is strongly encouraged for its proven weight loss properties.
  • Extreme Weight Loss participants limited carb intake, especially starchy carbohydrates, and especially in the evenings.
  • Staying motivated is important to extreme weight loss. In my practice, regular appointments help keep you on track and focused on your progress. They also allow any concerns or questions to be immediately addressed. Getting the support you need is very important.
  • Extreme Weight Loss achievers have discovered healthy snacks (they joke about getting sick of almonds), and plan ahead to ensure they always have them available. Meal planning and advance prep is also important. You don’t want to get hungry and overeat because of blood sugar swings, and you certainly don’t want to be grabbing “fast food” because you ran out of time.
  • Creating an environment for success is also important. If you want to lose a lot of pounds, getting the junk out of the house is important. Processed foods, high-sugar foods and drinks, and all junk foods need to be cleaned out and donated to a friend or local food bank. If you shop clean and eat clean, you’re well on the way to significant weight loss. Try our “Grocery IQ Test.”
  • Finally, learn to be assertive about being healthy. When friends, family, or circumstances try to lead you off-track, make your needs clear. For example, if you attend a regular lunch meeting at a restaurant with an unhealthy menu, as to be served a simple grilled chicken breast with no breading and some steamed vegetables. Just about any restaurant can handle that order, and you’ve got a meal with healthy protein and carbs.

Extreme weight loss is a challenge, but it’s one with life-changing and even life-saving rewards. If you’re in Hawaii and want to have a no-obligation introductory chat, book online or call my clinic at (801) 551-4348 for your appointment.

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