Getting Fit This Summer

Goal of Getting Fit This SummerIf you’re one of those people who promised yourself you’d be ready for the beach before summer, then amended it to a promise about getting fit during the summer, time is running out.

Summer will be over before you know it… if you haven’t started to lose the weight you promised yourself yet, you’re at risk of letting yourself down in achieving your goal, and that’s never good for your self-esteem.

The good news is, it’s not too late!

Although it sounds too good to be true, many of my patients have lost as much as thirty pounds in thirty days… so depending on your weight loss goals, your health concerns and your willingness to take action, you can still get fit before the end of this summer. If you’ve made the decision to lose weight this summer, you still can.

How To Lose Weight, Really

The key is to quit kidding yourself that it will somehow happen on its own, and take the one small step that will ensure you reach your goal of getting fit. It’s not joining a gym, or giving up soda pop… although both of those will help. No, the key step in getting fit in the five weeks remaining of summer is to immediately call and make an appointment to talk to me about medical weight loss. There’s no fee or obligation, but you need to pick up the phone right now, because procrastination has already put you at risk of breaking your promise to yourself.

That would be a shame, because you really can lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner, and keep it off. Look at some of the testimonials on my website. Many of those patients had “tried everything” and just about given up hope, but they took the time to meet with me and find out about our program. From there, they had the support they needed and a system that actually worked to help them drop pounds fast!

Our Weight Loss Program Is Sustainable

Because our physican-supervised weight loss program is based on real food instead of gimmicks and “diet” shakes, you’ll not only drop the excess weight, you’ll learn to make lifestyle modifications that will allow you to keep it off. You won’t have to give up tasty food (rice crisps aren’t very good for you anyhow)… instead you’ll learn what really gets in the way of weight loss, and how to create a customized eating plan that works for you.

We don’t run a cookie-cutter program. Your specific health concerns are taken into account, and if you’re struggling, you’ll get help with support, or even prescription appetite suppressants if needed at first.

Getting Fit This Summer

It’s time to quit disappointing yourself and call (808) 551-4348 to make an appointment. Getting fit this summer is still within your reach if you act now, and you’ll feel so good when you see the weight begin to drop off, knowing that you’ve made a huge step in taking care of your health.

Losing weight drops your risk of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It makes your joints ache less, and your sleep is usually better. Your body will thank you, and your friends and loved ones will notice the difference – and perhaps be inspired to take care of their own health as well. The biggest challenge to getting fit is truly getting started, so call (808) 551-4348 today for your free appointment.

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