Quick Weight Loss

Quick Weight LossThere are lots of people out there who want to sell you the dream of quick weight loss – so today let’s discuss what’s realistic in terms of losing weight fast. You already know that fad diets just don’t work, so let’s talk about what does.

I’m a physician specializing in medical weight loss, and some of my patients will tell you that they lost weight very quickly. It’s true that where possible, I work to help patients get initial quick weight loss. The majority of my patients drop a size or two within the first couple of weeks, and that really helps sustain their motivation.

Quick Weight Loss Depends On Your Situation

Here’s the truth, though: not everyone can safely lose weight as quickly as they want to. It’s far more important to get on an individualized program that takes your own medical issues, stress level, and lifestyle into account. Here’s what I consider when I make a weight loss plan together with you:

• current weight
• desired goal weight
• motivation/determination/readiness
• body type
• metabolic rate
• pre-existing medical conditions
• current prescription medications
• physical condition
• time pressure – how much free time you have
• current level of stress
• tolerance for change
• current eating habits/allergies
• activity level
• sleeping issues

Taking all these factors into account is powerful, because it lets me work with you to craft a weight loss plan that will really work for you and be sustainable. Our program is designed to ensure that you not only lose the weight, but keep it off long term.

The Quickest Weight Loss That’s Safe For You

Is it quick weight loss? Well, it will be quicker than any other safe method of weight loss. You’ll see and feel a difference very fast, your friends will notice the difference, and you’ll be able to keep the weight off if you follow the program. You’ll have lots of support in keeping to the program, and it will be achievable because we’ve taken your current lifestyle into account.

Being Your Best You

Our medical weight loss program is about being your best you – not just losing weight, but looking and feeling your best. You’re going to “graduate” our program with pride, because you know you’ve done what you need to, to get healthy and be a great example to your friends and family.

Is it quick weight loss? Well, many people think so, but we believe safe and sustainable are more important, so your weight loss will take that into account and be achievable for you.

With dietMD Hawaii, you’ll succeed in reaching your weight loss goal, as hundreds before you have. We’re Hawaii’s Number 1 Medical Weight Loss Clinic, because we have the best personalized weight loss program on Oahu, and our patients succeed! Call (808) 551-4348 today to book your free consultation with me, so that I can explain exactly how our program will work for you. If you want to get an idea of whether or not you can achieve quick weight loss – let’s talk as soon as possible. Why wait?

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