The Best Way To Lose Weight In Hawaii

Successful weight lossWhen you’re ready to lose weight fast and keep it off, our patients will tell you that a free consultation with Dr. Bruce is the first step to the best way to lose weight in Hawaii.

No SalesPeople

Our weight loss clinic isn’t going to sit you down with a high-pressured sales person. We don’t have any. From your first visit, you’ll meet with Bruce Katsura, MD, and discuss practical and real-world techniques that work to help you drop excess pounds and get healthier.

No Gimmicks

We’re not here to sell you meal replacements. We’re not going to insist you try to survive on shakes or meal bars, or alter your diet in unhealthy ways. Our program is based on eating real food, that you buy in a supermarket.

Attainable Lifestyle Change

We’re not going to tell you you’re out of luck if you’re not prepared to exercise 10 hours per week. We realize that any lifestyle change, particularly given the many activities already in your day, has to be realistic.

Dr. Bruce would never suggest that a person who hasn’t exercised in years should pound the treadmill for miles every day. While we know that exercise helps muscles use glucose and burn calories, and we certainly encourage it, it’s not necessary for weight loss. We’ll help you make lifestyle changes you can live with.

Medically Reliable Advice

No fads here. No mystery pills and definitely no magic button to push – yet you’ll see weight drop fast and more importantly, stay off, when you follow our dietMD medical weight loss program. We do have a few “tricks” up our sleeve in terms of prescription appetite suppressants and vitamin supplementation that supports weight loss, but they’re not the core of our program and are not required for your success. If you prefer a “no pills” approach to weight loss, we can help you get results.

Nutritional Guidance

We’ll show you how to gradually introduce changes that will help you lose weight and keep it off. You’ve heard many of these suggestions before, but we give you the personal guidance to make them practical and attainable:

  • Implement mild, gentle exercise
  • Overcome emotional eating
  • Eat in “the best” way
  • Enjoy regular meals
  • Keep your meals balanced
  • Control portions
  • Discover fiber-rich foods and better carb choices
  • Choose healthy beverages – and drink more water
  • Plan ahead with success strategies that work

Significant Weight Loss, FAST

We get amazing results with many patients, which is why so many of them tell their friends and coworkers to call us.

You see, with medical weight loss, your health is monitored carefully every week. This allows you to achieve extreme weight loss safely – in many cases as much as you might see with bariatric surgery, without the risk or side effects. Our clients lose up to thirty pounds in thirty days, while eating real food and without experiencing hunger.

Sustainable Weight Loss

We follow up with our patients, and the majority of them keep the weight off, even years later. Our program is designed that way. Call Kehau or Iryn at (808) 551-4348, or use the easy web form, and make an appointment today to meet with Dr. Bruce Katsura and learn about how medical weight loss can work for you. There’s no charge for your first appointment, and he’ll show you why dietMD is the best way to lose weight – and keep it off – in Hawaii!

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