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Fat cells and fat creation

Fat Cells and Weight Gain Or Loss

Understanding the role of fat cells in weight loss can be very helpful in understanding what to eat and why those choices can help you shed pounds. Fat Cells Store Excess Calories The primary purpose of a fat cell is to store energy. As humans evolved, food wasn’t always available on a consistent basis. When […]

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Why people regain weight

4 Reasons People Regain Weight

There are predictable reasons why some people regain weight. Here are four to make sure you avoid, to maintain your weight loss.

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You may be magnesium deficient

Why You’re Probably Magnesium Deficient

Since half of the American population has a magnesium deficiency, it’s time to talk about why you’re probably magnesium deficient, and its impact on weight.

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Weight Loss Shortcuts

8 Safe Weight Loss Shortcuts That Work

Here are 8 Weight Loss Shortcuts that really do work. None of them will do the job alone, but each one can make a significant difference over time.

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How to Look Good In the Bedroom

How to Look Good in the Bedroom

You don’t need to exercise to lose weight, but if you want to know how to look good in the bedroom, it’s a big help.

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Weight Management and Yoga

Weight Management and Yoga

Weight management and yoga are a natural combination. There are at least five reasons why the practice of yoga can help your weight loss long term.

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sleep apnea treatment with cpap machine

The Impact of Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is common in overweight individuals, often undiagnosed, and sometimes life-threatening. The great news? Weight loss can be a cure.

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Melatonin Helps You Sleep to Lose Weight

Sleep To Lose Weight

Can getting more sleep really help you to lose weight? The answer is yes – and here are some tips to help you sleep to lose weight – starting tonight.

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Lose Pregnancy Weight

How to Lose Pregnancy Weight

It’s normal to have some extra weight after giving birth. Here are four of the main steps to lose pregnancy weight fast, and keep it off.

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