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Nutrition rich and delicious asparagus

Six Foods for Maintaining Proper Nutrition as You Lose Weight

Poor nutrition – a lack of proper nutrients – affects your body in a host of ways. It reduces your immunity, impairs mental faculties and hurts child development in several ways.

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Proven weight loss tips

7 Proven Weight Loss Tips

This is a list of seven of the most powerful proven weight loss tips. While there is more you can do to lose weight, this is a very good place to start.

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winning on superbowl sunday

7 Tips for Winning on Super Bowl Sunday

7 Tips for Winning on SuperBowl Sunday – when it comes to achieving any goal, including great health!

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Self-Acceptance and Confidence Support Each Other

Self-Acceptance Supports Weight Loss – Tips

There’s a feedback loop between self-acceptance and self-confidence that you can put to work to help you lose weight. Here are some tips.

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Planning for Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Pregnancy doesn’t have to ruin your figure permanently. You need a plan for healthy eating and exercise. Read our post-pregnancy weight loss tips.

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Tips for Keeping Weight Off During Holidays

10 Tips for Keeping Weight Off During the Holidays

Yes, the holidays can be a challenge when you want to lose weight. Here are 10 tips for keeping weight off during the holidays.

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Losing weight after 50

Losing Weight After 50 (and Beyond)

Metabolic changes and muscle loss can make maintaining a healthy weight after age 50 tough. Here’s how to deal with losing weight after 50, and beyond.

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Office Exercises

6 Exercises You Can Do While Sitting Down

Here are a half dozen easy exercises you can do without leaving your chair. Try them at work, in front of the TV, or anywhere where you’re sitting down.

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30 Ways To Control Your Sugar Cravings

30 Ways to Control Your Sugar Cravings

You’ll find a list of 30 ways to control your sugar cravings in this article, so if your sweet tooth is sabotaging your weight loss goals, read on!

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How to Fail at Weight Loss - a list of what to avoid

How To Fail At Weight Loss

Learning how to fail at weight loss BEFORE you begin a diet program can set you up for success – here are the pitfalls to avoid when you’re trying to lose weight.

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