Kimo Lost 35 Pounds

When we last reported on Kimo, he’d lost 35 pounds and was down five pants sizes.
Now, he’s not only proven he can keep the weight off, but he’s lost 40 pounds!

“We’re coming up close to a year and I’ve actually passed my target so right now, I lost forty pounds.

The energy level has gone up and my clothes fit a lot better. I’m just generally happier. You never realize just how much happier you can be. They say, big people are jovial, which was okay and it wasn’t like I was angry or mad about it, but I am way happier now because it’s almost like freedom.”

Kimo’s Original Story

“If I can share a story, I came into my office at the Times last week and one of the managers that I’ve just passed stopped in front of me and said: “Hey, you lost a lot of weight, huh. You know, just to have somebody do that makes you feel good. You know that you’re doing something right with your health and body.”

It was something that caught my interest on Facebook that led me to dietMD Hawaii. I decided to make a call, got the consultation, and then we’re on the journey. That was in August and the results have been really good. I’ve tried everything under the sun, and this seems to be the one that really worked. It was easier to follow. It’s not like you’re starving at any time, and the results were pretty excellent.

I didn’t know what this is all about but, after a consultation, you know, all that cleared, then it was all something that I could do. So I just tried. I just move forward and the results have been good.”

dietMD Hawaii Kept Him on Track

“With the other programs, there was no followup, it was sink or swim. But with Dr. Katsura, going to the office, seeing him, seeing the office staff and support that I got from then till now, this really made the difference and kept me on track.

I’m not gonna say it was the easiest thing because everybody ends up being with Dr. Katsura for a reason. So, there’s some control issue on that point. For me, I have a sweet tooth. So getting my habits changed is the hard part. But once the ball is rolling, and I saw the effects of what it was doing to my body and heart, how it made me feel, it then made sense and it became easier. It continues to be easier to be able to push away the cookie, you know.”

Kimo Lost 5 Pants Sizes & Made Big Changes

“I’ve actually lost 33 pounds already. I’m now down five pants sizes. I had to redo my belt to my sizes so my wife says to get a new belt already. You know, down two shirt sizes. It’s really good. I couldn’t be any happier. I don’t mind stepping in front of the mike now, in front of people. I don’t use it as a shield anymore like I used to do. So it has given me a lot of freedom to be able to just present this self a little bit better.

I would say that it’s not a fad diet. This is a lifestyle change. So if you’re looking to change those small things, for bigger reward, then definitely, go and see Dr. Katsura. Get a consultation and see what it is about. I’m your living proof.”

Kimo’s Update for 2015 -Kimo Has Now Lost 40 LBS

“So, we’re coming up close to a year and I’ve actually passed my target so right now I’m forty pounds. I lost forty pounds.”

Kimo’s on the Maintenance Phase

“Dr. Katsura gives you the tools and you kind of navigate your way as for your habit because it is a lifestyle change. So, simple things like reading labels and preparing home lunches are some things I do automatically. Those things just come naturally anymore. I don’t have to think about it. And as far as maintenance, I’ll fluctuate maybe a pound or two here and there but it’s so easy with all the tools that Dr. Katsura gave us to get back to feeling good again.

I’m happy where I am at right now. So I have been keeping on to what I’m doing.”

I’m Just Generally Happier

“I would say, for the most part, the energy level has gone up and that my clothes fit a lot better. I’m just generally happier. You never realize just how much happier you can be because, you know, they say, big people are jovial which I was okay with and it wasn’t like I was angry or mad about it, but I am way happier now because it’s almost like freedom.”

Good For My Family Too

“Most definitely, I’m more than thankful because not only it helps me but also my family. They benefit symbiotically, just by how I prepare my food along with my wife and my kids. It’s all reflective. So, I think everybody else benefited from this program as well.”

Go and Get a Consultation

“Go and get a consultation. That doesn’t hurt. Find out what is it about because really knowledge is king in this sense. Find out about what Dr. Katsura can do for you. If you have any questions, I am always available. He’s very really welcoming. It wasn’t like, “I’m going to a doctor.” It really was a good experience. Be prepared to get the truth because that’s really what you need to hear but in a good way. He’s not going to pull any punches. He’s going to be truthful with you because that’s what you really needed, to know the truth. But with that as well, I think it will set you on the right path. To where you need to go.”

Thank You Dr. Katsura and Staff

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to being a part of this program and for the success I owe him and his office staff. I can’t forget the office staff because they are the ones who greet me there and check me in. They are the ones who follow up with the appointment. To Dr. Katsura and his staff, I just wanna say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for making me happier.”


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Kimo Lost 40 Pounds


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