Rochelle Lost Over 80 Pounds

“I think if I didn’t have medical supervision, I probably wouldn’t succeed.”

Rochelle Was Never Successful with Any Diet until She Discovered dietMD

“I developed knee and back issues dues to being overweight so one of my doctors told me, in order to ease the pain, I have to lose the weight. I was never successful with any diet before so I decided to give dietMD a chance.

The diet was fairly simple to follow. The doctor gives you a list of things to do, a list of things to eat, the directions and the weight drops.

I’ve been in the program since July. So approximately, I’ve lost a total of eighty pounds.”

Back and Knee Pain Has Diminished

“The weight loss has actually been good on my back and my knees. My knee pain and back pain has diminished. I don’t feel anything now. I could actually feel the difference with my knees and back within the first week. I also dealt with migraines. I haven’t had one since I started the diet.”

Rochelle is More Energetic and Lively

“I wasn’t energetic. I was shy and whenever we’d go on trips, we’d have problems on the airplane. The trays would touch my stomach and the seatbelt would be a problem. Now, I don’t have a problem anymore. I’m more energetic and lively. I can do more activities that I could never do before.I think if I didn’t have medical supervision, I probably wouldn’t succeed.”


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Rochelle Lost 81 Pounds

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