A Good Versus Bad Diet Plan

How to Choose A Healthy Diet PlanThere are specific indicators to look for when you’re considering a diet plan. Some are unhealthy, some are dangerous… and some actually will help you lose weight and build a healthy body.

So today we will talk about the indicators to look for, so that you’ll be able to evaluate diet plans and make the best choice for yourself.

Three Signs Of A Bad Diet Plan

There are three indicators that will let you know you’re looking at a bad diet plan.

1 Pre-packaged “Diet” Food

If the weight loss system you’re considering offers all of your meals pre-packaged, there are a number of issues. The food is generally not healthy, because it’s highly processed and preserved with chemicals. They are training you to buy expensive diet meals and if you were successful with weight loss, you’d stop… so their diet program will keep you eating their diet food as long as possible.

While some specific real foods can be helpful with your diet plan, such as high fiber or high protein choices, they are available without buying branded diet food.

2 Diet Shakes

The problem with diet shakes is similar. Again, they’re highly processed and packed with preservatives, and they’re expensive. Some even contain large amounts of sugar. While nutritious green smoothies can certainly help you lose weight, especially if they have protein and fiber, you don’t need packaged diet shakes, and you’re better off making your own using real food.

When you make your own with chia seed, oat bran or ground flax for fiber, you’re getting nutrition you need. Pea protein powder is natural and inexpensive, and helps you get the protein you need to preserve muscle mass.

3 Diet Pills

Whether we’re talking over-the-counter or prescription, a focus on pills is generally an indicator of a bad diet plan. Sure, there are nutritional supplements you might need, such as vitamin D, but they shouldn’t be the centerpiece of the diet plan. Diet pills can’t work for long-term healthy weight loss, but every day hundreds of people put out a lot of money on wishful thinking. Prescription diet aids can help in a few cases, but they are a tool to be used short-term, to support the initial transition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In short, any diet plan that isn’t focused on good nutrition and helping you preserve muscle mass through consistent protein intake isn’t going to help you keep the weight off long term.

What Is A Good Diet Plan?

Medical weight loss works – my patients will proudly tell you so. It’s also much safer than the diet plans mentioned above.

When you resolve health issues standing in the way of losing weight, cut the sugar and eat real food, the path is open towards having the health and slim body you want to achieve.

If you’re in the Oahu area, book an appointment today to meet me one-on-one – it’s personalized, it’s free, and you’ll learn how our dietMD Hawaii diet plan has helped so many people reach their target weight and stay there, without risky or scammy diet foods.

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