Easy Exercise At Home With Gliding Disks

Exercising with Gliding DisksAt this time of year, many people are considering spending money on gyms and expensive exercise equipment.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s not a financial hardship for you, but gliding disks are an “exercise gadget” that really works, at a cost of less than $20.

What Are Gliding Disks?

Gliding disks, otherwise known as core sliders, are one of the most compact, inexpensive, and effective exercise devices you can purchase. These slim, flat plastic discs reduce friction between you and the floor. This allows various sliding exercises to happen with minimal impact, while still involving a wide range of motion from your joints.

With gliding disks, you can target individual muscle groups such as arms, abs, chest, legs, glutes or shoulders, or choose overall conditioning with exercises that work out your entire body.

Start Slow And Your Workout Will Be Fun Instead Of Painful

Take it easy on your first few workouts, and because there’s no impact, you should experience minimal aches or discomfort after your workout. Even when you do gentle exercise, you’ll notice improvements after as few as three sessions.

Currently, a set of two core sliders sell for under $20 on Amazon. You’ll notice the reviews are excellent. You might want to consider getting two sets, not only so that you can access free shipping, but so that you can use them on hands and feet simultaneously. See the video below for examples of exercises using gliding disks.

Dual-Sided for Carpet or Hardwood Floors

You can purchase gliding disks that are double-sided, optimized for workouts on either carpet or hardwood floors. You don’t need much space for these workouts, so the kitchen floor or an open piece of carpet at home or in the office is just fine.

The Power of Core Training

Exercising with gliding disks is an excellent way to build a stronger core. Here are six of the benefits you’ll encounter.

  • Improved posture: core exercises build the abdominal wall and strengthen the lower back, which results in improved posture. The way you sit and stand impacts how you feel, because bad posture puts wear and tear on the spine. Core training helps distribute weight evenly throughout your body and strengthens abdominal support.
  • Reduced lower back pain: improving strength and joint mobility in your hips, thighs, glutes, and back will reduce lower back pain.
  • Easier breathing: strengthening your core and improving your posture results in better breathing. As you do core exercises that strengthen internal muscles, it becomes easier to breathe as your organs sit in the proper position.
  • Slimmer waistline: effective core training will reduce your waist circumference, tightening and flattening your tummy.
  • Improved sports performance: if you play tennis, golf, baseball, or any other sport, you’ll notice improved performance when you have strengthened and stabilized your core.
  • Prevents injury: a stronger core helps improve your balance, making you less prone to falling and other injuries.

Easy Low Impact Exercise

Gliding disks offer easy, low impact exercise at minimal cost. You can get instructional videos, such as the one above on YouTube. They’re a fun form of exercise, with many variations, and even a few lunges or mountain climbers daily are enough to get you started.

You can even try out this type of exercise without buying a set of gliding disks. Some people use furniture moving disks, which are less expensive, but perhaps a bit less durable. Another alternative is to try using washcloths on hardwood floors, or paper plates on carpet.

Gliding Disks Are Portable

This is probably the most portable exercise device you will ever encounter. They can be slipped into a purse or briefcase for a quick workout at the office, and they’re easy to pack so that you can keep up your exercise routine even while travelling.

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  1. Jasmine February 5, 2016 at 1:41 pm #

    These core disks look like a cool exercise equipment. I was suprised to watch the lady in the video doing lunges with them. I would need good balance to make sure I don’t slide to far. I think this is great for changing up your routine. That is what makes exercising fun to do.

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