Gratitude and Mindfulness For Weight Loss

Gratitude and Mindfulness help weight lossWith Thanksgiving coming, I think this is an appropriate time to discuss some of the less tangible qualities that can help you be successful with weight loss.

Gratitude and Appreciation

One of the challenges some of my medical weight loss patients face is self-esteem. Our society has idealized images presented in the media for how one’s body is “supposed” to be, and overweight people don’t meet that image.

In fact, sometimes a factor in their obesity poor self-care, driven by poor self-esteem. It becomes a vicious cycle where less self-care leads to poorer health, and then the body they see in the mirror drives even poorer self-care.

One way to break this cycle is to learn gratitude for small (and sometimes larger) things, especially progress towards one’s health goals. When you actively express appreciation for what’s going right in your life, you break the negative attitudes that lead to poor self-nurturing.

So since it’s Thanksgiving soon, let’s count our blessings.

List What You’ve Done Right And What You Have

Today, make a list of six things you are grateful for.

  • Have you quit drinking soda pop? That’s a huge improvement that will help you drop at least 10 pounds over the next year, and let your body become healthier. Appreciate yourself for this positive choice!
  • Have you gone for a walk this week, or better yet today? Thank yourself for taking action.
  • Did you choose NOT to buy junk food on your last shopping trip? That’s a win – good for you.
  • Have you tried making our healthy fat-burning soup? Excellent!
  • Did you know meditation can help you lose weight? Here’s a meditation to try.
  • Maybe you could pick up a pedometer on Black Friday and start counting your steps.

The right choice for meaningful action is completely up to you – there’s no one right answer for everyone. If you’re eating healthier and becoming more active, and thinking in a more positive way, you’re on the right track. If you’re looking for ideas for small changes that really add up, check out my articles. Don’t forget the gratitude part – appreciate yourself for taking action!

Catch Yourself Doing Something Right

We’re in a sometimes critical society… and many of us work in businesses or grew up in families where someone was always happy to point out our shortcomings. Today, stifle the critical voice in your head just a little and catch yourself doing something right. It doesn’t have to be big – being mindful of small things is a great beginning.

If you really search your day and you can’t find anything you did right, go do something. Cook something healthy, go for a walk, do 10 sit-ups. And then congratulate yourself on taking a small step in the right direction. Those small steps add up.

Mindfulness And Health

Being mindful every day helps us notice the state of our body, and address its needs. It helps us notice that we don’t really need to eat such a large portion, and that we can put some away for later. It triggers us to notice that we need to drink more water, or stretch our body more. Most importantly, mindfulness helps us pay attention to, and offer gratitude for the choices we make every day for good health.

May you all have a healthy, happy Thanksgiving!

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