Setting Six Health Intentions For The New Year

Setting Health IntentionsWeight loss isn’t really about pounds. It’s about health, which means it’s about the quality and length of your life.

With the new year only two weeks away, it’s a good time to think about what you want to achieve for your health in 2017. Setting specific intentions can help you get there.

Setting Your Health Intentions For The Coming Year

Start by asking yourself the following six questions (borrowed from this article):

1 – Experiences You Want To Have

What are a few experiences you want to have in the next year?

Maybe you want to be able to keep up with the grandkids, or go on a hiking adventure with your children. Maybe you simply want to get to the end of the average day without feeling exhausted. Perhaps the experience you want is finally seeing the scale display a specific number, or giving up your addiction to junk food for good.

This is very personal. What experiences would make you feel great? List one to three.

2 – Relationships You Want To Nurture

What relationships do you want to deepen in the next year? List one or more people you want to get closer to. Think about how setting your health intentions can make these relationships longer and richer.

3 – Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

How would you like to get out of your comfort zone this coming year? Maybe it’s wearing a shorter skirt, or a bikini. Maybe it’s getting a gym membership, and using it. Perhaps for you, getting out of your comfort zone is going for that promotion at work. It doesn’t have to be something huge. Maybe it’s just doing a few sit-ups every day, or making sure you eat protein for breakfast daily.

4 – Loving and Caring For Yourself

What are three ways you want to show care and love for yourself in the coming year? Although these might not always look like health intentions, taking good loving care of yourself is definitely good for your health. Oh, and mental health counts too!

So many great choices here. Perhaps it’s taking a dream vacation, or simply meditating for a few minutes each day. Maybe it’s limiting your contact with a negative family member, or even getting professional help to deal with a challenge in your life.

5 – How Do You Want To Feel?

As you see the tail end of the coming year, how do you want to feel? Proud? Healthy? Grateful? Satisfied? Peaceful? Energetic?

6 – Word or Phrase For 2017

What is your word or phrase for the coming year? Again, there are so many good choices.

“Listen to the body”
“I am enough”
“I am strong and healthy”

Questions, Not Resolutions

It’s very powerful to take some time to ask yourself these questions. Really explore how you want to be feeling a year from now. Write down your answers. This can be much more powerful than setting New Year’s Resolutions.

You can definitely be stronger, healthier, and slimmer by the time 2018 approaches, if you set your health intentions now and take action on them. Taking a few minutes now to be introspective about the coming year gives you a wonderful opportunity to steer the direction of the next months.

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