Healthy Drinks and Hydration

You’ve probably heard that 8 glasses of water a day is necessary for good hydration (even on our site), but it’s wrong, or at least incomplete. Today we’re going to discuss healthy drinks, and what you need to know to stay hydrated in a healthy way.

How Much Water Do I Need Daily?

The correct way to calculate your water requirement daily is to take your weight in pounds, and divide it by two. That’s the number of ounces of water you would ideally consume daily. So, if you weigh 180 lbs, you would consume 90 oz of water each day. A 120 lb person would consume 60 oz. Since “8 cups” is 64 oz, it’s often used as an estimate for most adults, but as you can see, it’s not enough for a larger person.

It’s important to understand that too much water can also be a problem. Athletes who are sweating a lot may need a little more, but too much water can overwhelm the kidneys and result in lightheadedness, dizziness, seizures, coma and even death. So water is great for you, but there is such a thing as too much.

Soda Makes You Fat

One of the biggest causes of weight gain is soda pop and other sugared drinks. A typical American consumes 60 gallons of soda per year! Just one soda a day is a health risk, even if you’re lean, since it can add 15 pounds per year to your weight.

Just one a day also increases your risk for type 2 diabetes by 18% and also increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s not a “harmless indulgence”.

One soda per day adds up to over 35 pounds of sugar – and even if you use soda with artificial sweeteners, there’s evidence that they are associated with weight gain, as well as many other issues. See Mercola’s infographic about aspartame at the end of this article. Diet sodas are not healthy drinks.

So What Do I Drink When I’m Thirsty?


There are plenty of healthy choices for drinks. Of course, there’s water. It’s actually the best form of hydration, since pure water can be used by your cells with no additional processing. This makes pure water the most healthy drink of all.

Sparkling Water With A Hint Of Fruit Juice

Some people drop pop and switch to fruit juices, thinking that they’re healthier. However, even 100% natural fruit juice is full of sugar, and doesn’t have any fiber to slow digestion and prevent your system from a blood sugar shock.

I’d recommend keeping your fruit juice consumption very low – 4 oz or less per day. If you’re going to consume fruit juices, add a small amount (2 oz or less) to a glass and then fill it with sparkling water. Remember, use just a bit – daily fruit juice consumption is also associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Sparkling water has no extra salt, but still offers the fizzy carbonation that some people miss when they give up soda. It’s available at the grocery store, or you can by a machine such as a SodaStream to make carbonated water at home. Avoid any flavorings that have artificial sweeteners, however. Bubbling water with a small splash of real juice is a much better healthy drinks choice, when compared to pop.

Infused Waters

Strawberry mint infused waterInfused waters are similar, but instead of beginning with fruit juice, we take real fruits, vegetables and herbs and muddle (crush) them in a glass or pitcher with water. A few cherries, a bit of pineapple, some mint or some apple slices are a good place to start. Try cucumber slices with a few cubes of melon and a few leaves of mint for a refreshing infused

A few cherries, a bit of pineapple, some mint or some apple slices are a good place to start. Or Try cucumber slices with a few cubes of melon and a few leaves of mint for a refreshing infused water. Citrus fruits such as limes, lemons and oranges are nice for infusing water as well, although lemon water can be hard on tooth enamel when frequently consumed.

Click this link or search for “infused water recipe” on Google for more ideas for healthy drinks made by infusing water.

Herbal Teas

Another great choice is chilled, caffeine-free organic herbal teas. There’s a wide variety of flavors including mint, berry, cinnamon, apple and many more. They are a healthy way to flavor the water you need to consume every day. Of course, they’re great hot too.

Making The Switch To Healthy Drinks

Giving up soda is a real challenge for some people, and you may need help to do it. If you find you cannot overcome your addiction to sugar (soda) on your own, get help. These healthy drinks are a tasty substitute, but many people struggle with this change.


aspartame side effects mean diet sodas aren't healthy drinks

The “Coke Is a Joke” infographic exposes the false weight loss and wellness claims of Coke in its diet soda line, which uses aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. Use the embed code to share it on your website.

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  1. Lorraine June 21, 2017 at 3:00 am #

    Thank you Dr Bruce! I really enjoyed reading this very informative article. Yes to healthy drinks and no to soda.

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