Weight Loss Stories – dietMD Hawaii Testimonials

Jill Lost 37 PoundsJill feels great and is proud of her body (even in a bikini!)


Chris-K.-lost-65-LBSChris K’s New Years Resolution was to lose 40 pounds. He lost 58!


Jan Lost 58 PoundsJan lost 58 pounds and no longer needs her CPAP machine!


Emma Lost 40 Pounds Emma and her sister Maddie both lost a lot of weight


Maddie Lost 51 Pounds Maddie and her sister Emma feel much more confident


Jamie-lost-41-lbsJamie is no longer in pain, feels energetic and confident!


Rod O Lost 43 PoundsRod lost 43 pounds – and will be a more empathetic doctor because of his experience with dietMD Hawaii


Cindy Lost 25 PoundsCindy lost 25 pounds quickly – in 30 days!


Nicole M lost 84 pounds with dietMD HawaiiNicole has continued losing weight with dietMD Hawaii


Dr. Chris Lost 29 PoundsDr. Chris was impressed with the safety, personalization and effectiveness of dietMD Hawaii


Rochelle Lost 81 PoundsRochelle lost 81 pounds – and her migranes!


Christine L. Lost 50 PoundsChristine went from miserable with health problems to feeling incredible!


Diane M. Lost 47 PoundsDiane lost 46 pounds (so far!) and feels happy


Keith K Lost 44 PoundsKeith thinks Dr. Katsura added years to his life!


Shari Lynn Lost 33 PoundsExtra weight had crept up on Shari Lynn – she’s thrilled it’s gone!


Christine O Lost 45 PoundsChristine O. went beyond her goal weight and feels more radiant & confident


Mike lost 45 poundsMike lost 45 pounds and is losing more in spite of diabetes


Terri-L-lost-17-lbs Terri had tried everything to lose weight – dietMD Hawaii worked. Read more!


Annalyn Lost 20 PoundsAnnaLyn lost baby weight and entered a pageant! Read more…


Marie lost 37 poundsMarie was diagnosed pre-diabetic and wanted to be healthy…


Kimo Lost 40 PoundsKimo is down 5 pants sizes! Learn more about his journey.


Roseline lost 47 poundsRoseline (and her husband) lost weight together!


Jeanie lost 23 poundsJeanie is happier and more motivated… read more about her weight loss


Dr John lost 32 poundsDr. John was happy to lose fat and not muscle!


Alexandra-lost-10-lbsAlexandra is preparing for a pageant!


Rachel Lost 30 PoundsRead more about Rachel’s weight loss


Clyde lost over 90 poundsClyde dropped over 90 lbs and cut his prescription meds


Chaya Lost Over 80 PoundsChaya lost over 80 pounds – read more about her weight loss!


Aaron Dropped 29 PoundsAaron wanted to lose weight safely – and he did! Read more…


Mary Lost Over 60 PoundsMary Lost Over 60 Pounds and Avoided Gastric Bypass Surgery!


Elena Lost Over 84 PoundsElena lost 84 pounds and got healthy – read her interview!


Jeannie R Lost 28 PoundsJeannie lost 28 pounds after fad diets didn’t work


Emeline lost 48 poundsEmeline went from size 14 to size 4 – read about it!


Jon Lost 75 PoundsJon surpassed his original weight loss goal – find out more!


Jocelin Lost 23 Pounds Jocelin lost baby weight and hasn’t been this weight since high school – Read about it !


Stephanie Dropped Over 22 PoundsStephanie lost over 20 pounds and it was simple – Read more!


Martin G. Lost Over 60 Pounds and Got His Health BackMartin was pre-diabetic but got back normal blood sugar readings


Roxanne H. Lost 84 PoundsRoxanne is very happy she found dietMD Hawaii!


John N Lost 100 Pounds John N. Lost 100 Pounds – and dropped his medication too


Susan Dropped 55 PoundsSusan lost three dress sizes and a total of 55 pounds.


Glenn and Phyllis Lost 30 Pounds EachGlenn and Phyllis EACH lost 30 pounds – Learn how


Crystal Lost Over 40 PoundsCrystal Lost Over 40 Pounds and Got Her Confidence Back


Tanya-lost-44-lbsTanya S. Spent 30 Years Trying Diets and Failing… Until dietMD Hawaii

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