30-Day Trial For Weight Loss

30-day Trial for Weight LossIf you spend time on the web, you’ll see lots of products and services offering a free 30-day trial. In fact, if you search “30-day trial” on Google, you’ll get over a half million results.

One of the reasons for this is that if you spend 30 days trying a different method of doing something, you can create a habit that lasts. For the businesses offering these trials, they know that your new habit can convert you into a customer for a long time.

Of course, giving something a 30-day trial is also low risk for you. You don’t have to commit to change, which can be challenging. You just have to make a short-term attempt. This is why these short-term trials are often used in the personal growth industry, or by coaches and counselors. They work.

30 Day Trials For Weight Loss

If your goal is weight loss or improving your health, a 30 Day Trial is a great way to “try on” a new eating program or exercise system.

When you do a 30-day trial, you don’t have to psych yourself out by thinking about the change as something permanent. It’s “I won’t do x for 30 days”, not “I’ll never do x again!” A trial period can be used to eliminate something unhealthy, or to add something healthy to your life.

Because it’s temporary, a 30-day trial doesn’t require the huge level of commitment and discipline that a permanent change does. It’s only a month – you know you can do it, day by day.

Completing a 30-Day Trial

When you complete a 30-Day Trial, you’ll achieve:

  • A feeling of accomplishment and pride
  • Establishing a new habit
  • Breaking the addiction of your old habit
  • Confidence that you can make a change successfully
  • 30 days worth of results

Examples of 30-Day Trials for Weight Loss and Health

There are lots more examples in our articles. Are there any great 30-day weight loss or health trials I’ve missed? Add them in the comments!

Even if you choose not to continue your trial beyond 30 days, you’ll gain benefits, including increased self-esteem. Not every trial will be a good fit for you. Consider your 30-day trial a test period. If you do choose to continue it, you still don’t have to make it forever. You can decide to extend your trial to 60 or 90 days, and see how that feels.

One Day At A Time

If you’re going to do a 30-day trial, commit. Choose one thing you’ll do every single day. Don’t try to do more than one 30-day trial at a time. You can choose something different next month if you want.

Set yourself up for success. Remove obstacles in advance. For example, if you’re going to give up junk food for a month, get it out of the house, and replace it with healthy snacks.

Tell people about your trial and expect them to support you. It will be harder to fail if you’ve put yourself on record. You can even make a bet with someone, with a reward from them, or a payment or other consequence from you if you fail.

Put up a calendar page on the wall where you’ll see it, and take joy in putting a big red X through each day as you complete your new habit. Don’t skip any days in your 30-day trial – It’s important to let yourself succeed in your choice to make this new change for 30 days.

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