3 Ways To Fail At Losing Weight

How To Fail At Losing WeightLosing weight can be a frustrating process. Most people complain about how despite their best efforts, their weight simply does not budge. Clearly, something is not right. In my experience, there are certain things that people do on their weight loss journeys that take them several steps back, instead of forward.

You Can Fail At Losing Weight Without Realizing You Are The Cause

The part to be worried about is that most people are unaware of these mistakes that they are making, which can be held responsible for them failing to lose weight. In this post, I will be telling you three mistakes that people make which stop them from reaching their weight loss goals.

1: Missing Out On Sleep

The human body needs adequate amounts of sleep to be able to function properly in its day to day activities. Missing out on sleep will not only have an adverse effect on your career, but will even affect your health. One of the major factors behind obesity can be lack of sleep.

The simplest way to understand that is to picture a sleepy person at work reaching for another donut or another pack of chips to get that instant energy burst. Sleeplessness not only makes a person cranky, but it also makes a person make bad food choices. Also, when you are already tired at work, the chances of you working out when you go home become less. Moreover, lack of sleep is also linked to poor metabolism and hormonal issues.

So, if you are trying to lose weight make sure to tweak your sleeping routine a little to fit in more hours of sleep. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day, to ensure that your body gets enough rest to function properly the following day.

2: Overexercising

You know how they say too much of a good thing is a bad thing, right?

Exercise is a spot-on example of that. Exercising is great, but too much exercise can be a threat to your weight loss goals.

Here’s how:

Most people who do vigorous training do not always focus on their form. Hence, they potentially run the risk of injuring themselves in a manner that could stop them from being able to work out ever again. Several studies are also finding out that too much exercise puts that enough stress on your heart that you can potentially develop abnormal health rhythms. In fact, excessive exercise can do as much harm to your body as not doing any exercise at all can.

The bottom line is that when you are trying to not fail at losing weight, it is important that you figure out the “Goldilocks” level: not too much and not too little, but somewhere in the middle is perfect. Alternatively, you can also aim for shorter, but intense workout routines to get the maximum benefits. High intensity but brief exercise can be very effective for both weight loss and body shaping. Oh, and the another reason not to overexercise is that it promotes issues with our third way to fail at losing weight, hunger…

3: Hunger

A mistake that people make that makes them fail at losing weight is setting themselves up for irresistible pangs of hunger. This can happen because you eat the wrong things (don’t try to cut all fat, for example). When you eat too many processed foods, you don’t don’t get enough fiber, which can help keep hunger at bay. Too much sugar is a definite trigger for hunger. Overexercising, as mentioned above, can create severe hunger in some people. Some people think they’ll lose weight faster if they skip meals, and instead bring on blood sugar swings that create severe hunger. Dehydration can also be mistaken for hunger – and it’s been proven that people who drink lots of water eat less. Finally, many prescription medications can bring on hunger. You need a knowledgeable doctor to ensure that’s not happening to sabotage your weight loss.

Watching what you eat is important if you are serious about losing weight. But when those hunger pangs arrive, the last thing you would want is to reach for a salad. That’s not going to satiate you enough to stop the hunger pangs.

A good idea would be to keep healthy snacks like small packets of nuts with you at all times. So when you feel hungry, you are ready for it. Or if that does not work out for you, you can try an appetite suppressant. Just make sure that you consult a reliable doctor and get a prescription from them.

There are lots of ways to fail at losing weight, and one that gives you very high odds of success: medical weight loss. If you’re in Hawaii and would like to talk to me about your situation, I offer a free initial consultation.

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