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Most people enjoy my articles about weight loss and health, but sometimes it’s great to be able to provide a bit more depth. So as a thank you and Happy Thanksgiving gift of gratitude, we’ve produced another free eBook for you from dietMD Hawaii. It includes more than 20 pages of content that will help you and your family stay happier and healthier.

Click here to download your copy of our How to Celebrate a Healthy Thanksgiving free eBook!

What’s In The Free eBook?

We’ve included tips for planning your thanksgiving meal, as well as how to eat at holiday feasts without wrecking your weight loss goals. Here’s the outline:

  1. Planning A Thanksgiving Meal (including a Cloud Bread recipe on page 5!)
    • Meal Planning (page 3)
    • Healthy Recipes (page 4)
  2. Thanksgiving Day Tips (7 powerful tips!) that cover all this and more:
    • The key mistake many people make on the morning of a holiday (page 7)
    • The “secret” calories that often pack on the pounds unnoticed (page 8)
    • A guide to Portion Control that’s easy to follow… no scales needed (page 11)
    • A trick to feel fuller that most people don’t know (page 12)
    • Info on the Waikiki Holiday Parade (page 16)
    • Some things you may have forgotten to be grateful for (page 17)
    • The power of mindfulness (page 18)
    • How to stay on track mentally, emotionally and physically (page 19)
  3. What To Do The Day After Thanksgiving
    • Thanksgiving is family time for most of us. Let’s set a good example. (page 20)

One Week Left For Our Special!

Of course, making the right choices for your genetics and personal medical condition are essential, but one of the factors in weight loss that most people underestimate is support. Simply put, those who have enough quality support in their weight loss journey get where they want to go.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re offering a special that includes extra support visits at no additional charge. If you’re not already in our program, or need a refresher, now’s the time to call our office to get our special before it goes away at the end of this month.

It’s Not Too Late This Year

It’s not too late to lose significant weight by the end of the year… or even before Christmas. Telling yourself that you can’t lose weight during the holidays is a self-defeating statement. You can, and you can still enjoy holiday traditions with your family, without hunger.

We have a medical weight loss system that works at dietMD Hawaii – and you can find out more without obligation by signing up for a free consultation with me. Don’t deprive yourself of a healthier new year in 2018… and more quality time to spend with your family. By January 1 – New Year’s – you can already be 10 pounds lighter… or 20… or more, if you take action now.

Have A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving and Free eBookMay you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving and enjoy every moment of your time together.

For food that stays our hunger,
For rest that brings us ease,
For homes where memories linger,
We give our thanks for these.

– Traditional American Blessing

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