How To Fail At Weight Loss

Weight loss can be tough. Millions of people each year try to lose weight and fail. They don’t all fail for lack of discipline or effort. Many fail because they don’t have the right information about nutrition and exercise. After a few failures, many would rather give up than fix their mistakes, simply because they don’t want to fail again. Yet, because being overweight can severely impact your quality of life, and even the length of your life, being able to succeed at weight loss is very important. So I want to talk to you today about how to fail at weight loss, because if you understand the top reasons why weight loss plans fail, you can avoid those traps.

How To Fail At Weight Loss: 5 Weight Loss Traps:

The Wrong Calorie-Cutting Choices

Often, weight loss plans fail because the people trying to lose weight follow too strict of a diet without getting the right nutrition. They may, for example, burn muscle instead of fat. Suddenly cutting too many calories may slow down your metabolism. It can also be dangerous as you won’t get enough protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as the other nutrients you need in order to stay healthy. While we do cut calories significantly in our diet program, how those calories are cut is carefully planned, and your weight loss journey is supervised and nutritionally supported.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

How to Fail at Weight Loss - a list of what to avoidSome people fail at weight loss because they set unrealistic weight loss goals. When you set goals you can’t reach, it’s a form of self-sabotage.

It’s okay if the goals are difficult, because even if you don’t succeed every time, some successes will reinforce your efforts. Pushing yourself to move forward can feel successful even if you fall short sometimes. However, setting impossible goals just leads to frustration. Sometimes it’s important to gradually build up to reaching the goals you want to achieve. This is particularly critical when you’re starting an exercise program.

Going It Alone

Probably the most common reason at weight loss plans fail is attempting to go at weight loss alone. No matter what you’re doing regarding weight loss, from gathering information to dieting and exercising, it will be easier if you have support. That’s why we’re so convinced here at dietMD Hawaii that medically supervised weight loss is the most effective safe method to reach your weight loss goals.

Trying to Lose Weight Without Family and Friends Support

Creating a support system on a larger scale is also important. Make sure your friends and family know that you are attempting to lose weight so that they can help you in the process. They can do this by reminding you of your diet and exercise commitments, and by not tempting you with treats, or inviting you to activities that will challenge your weight loss goals.

Failing to Think It Through

Finally, know yourself. Reaching your weight loss goals won’t change everything about your life. If you have wide hips, you’ll still have wide hips. If you have challenges in a relationship, losing weight won’t make them automatically go away.

Weight loss does bring about wonderful changes in many people’s lives. Looking better, and feeling better about yourself, does build your self-confidence. Weight loss can help you avoid other health issues. Losing weight really can trigger a whole new positive phase in your life, but it doesn’t fix everything. So make sure you know yourself well enough not to derail your weight loss at the first challenge that comes up in your life.

We believe that when you’re ready, we can help you succeed and reach your weight loss goals. There is no reason today to fail at weight loss.

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  1. Alexander April 24, 2014 at 10:19 am #

    Losing weight should not be done without a good plan in place. You need medical advice and the support of family and friends to be able to do it until the end. Otherwise you will most likely give up along the way because no one is holding you responsible.

    When people are supporting you, encouraging and not letting you cheat, you have a lot more chances of succeeding. Weight loss is such a grave problem among so many because people do not follow up on the good advice pointed out in this article. They set unrealistic goals in short periods of time that are a surefire way to failure. With a little patience and willingness anything can be done.

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