Lose Weight After 50 – 6 Critical Tips

Lose weight after 50If you’re over 50, you may think that weight loss is going to be nearly impossible, but in fact it’s very achievable. Here are my best tips to help you lose weight after 50.

Don’t kid yourself – there’s probably no other decision you can make that will add more quality years to your life.

Be Prepared To Make Small Changes

Don’t kid yourself – deciding to lose weight after 50, or at any other time, requires lifestyle changes. It doesn’t require crazy workouts or daily gym time, but it does require some self-restraint and some healthy choices. This is also true for keeping weight off… you can’t just make changes for a short period of time and then expect to keep the results.

Substitution Is Key

If you are telling yourself you’ll have to deprive yourself to drop the pounds, your head is in the wrong place. It’s not about deprivation so much as it’s about substitution, and being creative about healthy choices.

For example, you’re definitely going to have to give up fast food. Stopping for a burger and fries on the way home is not going to get you where you want to go. This doesn’t mean deprivation, though. Perhaps a lovely fillet of salmon with some sautéed vegetables instead?

“Giving up” fast food for healthy and delicious alternatives requires a little extra time and planning, but it certainly doesn’t require that you stop enjoying food. On the contrary, you will find that often you are eating better and enjoying meals more when you choose healthy eating.

Hydration Is Very Important

Many people are dehydrated, and they snack because they think they’re hungry, when in fact they are thirsty. To lose weight after 50, you’re going to have to become mindful of drinking more water and other healthy drinks every day. This doesn’t mean pop – you already knew that… and it certainly doesn’t mean alcohol, which is full of empty calories and a proven carcinogen as well.

Instead, you’ll start your day with two glasses of pure water, and then continue to drink more during the day. Green tea or herbal teas, warm or iced, and infused waters are also good choices, but nothing beats pure water. It IS possible to drink too much, though, so be aware of the ideal amount of liquids to consume daily.

Take your weight in pounds and divide by two: that’s the number of ounces you should aspire to consume daily. A 200-pound person will aim for 100 ounces of water, or about 12 8 ounce cups. If you want to drink “8 cups per day”, you’d better make your cup size 12 oz if you weigh 200 pounds!

Oh, soups are also good choices in many cases, as are green smoothies. Check out our fat-burning soup recipe.

Sugars Are Out

Most people today consume sugar constantly, and it’s a tough habit to quit. It’s also essential to quit, because beyond the direct health risks of sugar, sugar triggers hunger. If you’re in the habit of consuming sugary treats, you’re going to have to detox sugar, and it can be rough for the first week or two. There is nothing that will sabotage your health and weight loss efforts quite as quickly as sweets consumption, though.

Eat Clean

If your goal is losing weight after 50 and keep it off, you’re going to have to discover the joys of eating clean. When you learn how much better you feel, you’ll be motivated to keep up the lifestyle. Eating clean not only helps with weight loss, it will restore vigor and energy, and reduce aches.

Medical Weight Loss Is The Fastest Way To Lose Weight After 50

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that medical weight loss is the fastest way to lose weight after 50. That’s not just my bias – it’s the experience of my patients too. When you have five decades of life behind you, you know that hiring a professional gets the job done better, faster, and gives you lasting results. The same certainly applies when you want to lose weight after 50, so if you’re in Hawaii, book a no-obligation consultation with me today.

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