Why Optimized Bile Flow Helps Weight Loss

As I look at the weight loss related topics that interest you most, I notice that there’s been interest in apple cider vinegar as a carb blocker. While it certainly does perform that function, there’s another use for apple cider vinegar that supports weight loss; it’s one of the liquids you can consume that help your body improve bile flow.

What Is Bile?

Bile, sometimes called gall, is a dark green to yellowish-brown liquid produced by your liver to aid in the digestion of fats. Your liver produces about a quart of bile per day, and it is stored in your gallbladder until needed to help digest fatty food. Bile is also used by the liver to excrete toxins, so it’s an important part of your elimination system.

Bile Flow From The Liver

When fatty food reaches your stomach, bile is released from the gall bladder to help digest the fat. Bile emulsifies fat. This process is much like adding dish soap to a pan covered in fat – it loosens it and breaks it up. This allows your digestive system to recover important nutrients from the fat, such as fat-soluble vitamins.

Even people who have had their gallbladder removed by surgery still produce bile, although they no longer have a place to store it to optimize fat digestion.

Why Does Bile Flow Matter To Weight Loss?

There are five main reasons why bile flow appears to be important for weight loss. Each one is significant on its own, but taken together, I’m sure you’ll see why having a healthy gall bladder with good bile flow is important.

1 – Bile Boosts Metabolism

It appears that bile supports your body in producing thyroid hormones that help control metabolism. Specifically, it helps your cells convert the commonly available thyroid hormone T4 into T3, the “active” form of the hormone.

2 – Bile Helps Keep Gut Bacteria Healthy

Certain types of digestive bacteria populations support maintaining a healthy weight. Bile appears to be important in helping these populations stay dominant over other groups that encourage obesity.

“Bile acids influence the development of “lean” versus “fat” bacteria in the colon.”

3 – Healthy Bile Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, and obesity all have insulin resistance in common, and studies show that healthy bile can help improve insulin sensitivity, and may even help treat type 2 diabetes. Although many studies are in early stages and have been done on mice, the results are encouraging.

4 – Bile Reduces Fatty Liver

Other mouse studies show that healthy bile reduces fatty liver, commonly seen in overweight and obese individuals. Fatty liver can lead to high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

5 – Increased Bile Improves Fat Digestion

When your body cannot properly digest fat and extract the critical nutrients (such as fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E) which it needs from fat, it tends to store the fat instead. Obviously, if we can encourage our bodies NOT to store fat, that’s helpful for weight loss.  We do this in two ways: by increasing bile flow, and by increasing fiber intake.

A high fiber diet helps carry excess fat from the body – and it also helps the body excrete toxins that the liver sends down in fat to be excreted. Excess fat and toxins simply ride the fiber out of your body, and that’s a big step in the right direction for good health.

There are several more methods you can use to optimize bile flow, which I’ll cover soon.

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  1. Juanita October 24, 2017 at 11:58 am #

    What’s the cost? I have Med-quest HMSA is it possible for me to get on this program? I’m over weight by 100lbs and it’s affecting my way of life at 53 yrs of age can you help me? Yes hank you

    • DrBruce November 11, 2017 at 8:49 pm #

      Hi, Juanita; Please call the office at (808) 551-4348. You can make a free appointment to come in and discuss the program, and get your questions answered.

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