Developing A Weight Loss Mindset

Develop a Weight Loss MindsetThere are successful ways to build your weight loss mindset to support yourself in not only losing weight, but keeping it off. These psychological factors of weight loss can be particularly important for some individuals.

Sure, you need to be eating the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right times. You need the right amount of activity for you – neither too much nor too little. But once you have the logistics taken care of, you can empower your weight loss even further by strengthening your weight loss mindset in the following seven areas.

1 – Don’t Compare With Others

Your success is yours, and has nothing to do with the success of others. If they lost more pounds, good for them. They aren’t dealing with your specific combination of health factors, stressors, genetics, or other issues. If you are making steady progress, even if it’s slow, celebrate it and appreciate yourself for taking action for better health.

2 – Don’t Compare With Your Previous Self

The same goes for looking into the past and thinking that what worked then should work exactly the same way now. Your metabolism is complicated. It changes with age and is influenced by health and environmental conditions. If you’re in our program, don’t worry about what worked (or didn’t work) before… stick to your personalized plan, and we’ll get you to your target weight.

3 – Care Less About What Others Think

Sure, people will look at you oddly when you pass on a birthday cake or even refuse a tasty dessert. They’ll offer you donuts at work when they know you’re working on losing weight. They’ll push you to take larger portions, especially when your weight loss is starting to show. It’s a sad fact that many people consciously or unconsciously sabotage other’s success.

Back in our caveman days, it was safer in the middle of the pack. Anyone who “stood out” was in danger… so often, sometimes out of love, those around us can become food pushers who try to get in the way of weight loss. Don’t listen.

4 – Get Help With Your Fear Of Success

If you have a pattern of sabotaging yourself before success, you might need to get some counseling to help fix that area in your weight loss mindset. Weight loss means change. You’ll probably be noticed more, including by others with romantic attentions. You’ll also be noticed as someone strong enough to achieve what many others cannot.

You may be worried that the “new person” you’ll be after you reach your goal won’t be the same… and they won’t. They’ll be healthier and stronger, but probably just as happy and successful as before. It can be the part where you realize they may be more happy and successful that oddly feels threatening.

Get help if you have a pattern of self-sabotage.

5 – Reassure Your Fear Of Failure

Fear of failure can be a painful part of our weight loss mindset that needs adjusting, especially if you’ve tried and failed to lose weight many times. The difference with medical weight loss is that almost every patient who follows our program succeeds. Rereading our testimonials might help – they’re the real thing. In fact, many patients in our program were referred by friends and family who found something that works! Watch their videos… many of them explain how many things they tried, before they found dietMD Hawaii.

6 – Change Your Self-Talk

The “voice inside your head” is often not really yours. It may have been programmed by unsupportive people who didn’t (or didn’t know how to) have your best interests at heart. If it’s putting you down and discouraging you in your attempts to get healthy, it’s time to get some counseling to reprogram it. That inner voice needs to be talking to you like a kind and supportive friend, not bullying you.

Changing a bunch of negative “shoulds” for “I will” can be a powerful part of your weight loss mindset. Focusing on catching yourself doing something right like “Great, I ate more vegetables today” is much more effective than focusing on negatives, like “I won’t eat so many calories today.” Get some help with this if it’s getting in your way.

7 – Are You Trying To Be Perfect?

Unrealistic expectations and an attitude of perfectionism can make weight loss much more difficult. Tweak your weight loss mindset with the realization that we are all imperfect sometimes, and mistakes are an opportunity to do better next time. They say “the perfect is the enemy of the good”, and we’re aiming for good, because it’s sustainable over the long term.

Be kind to yourself. Get counseling if you cannot.

The Power Of A Weight Loss Mindset

If you give these seven factors consideration and fix those that are affecting you, getting help where necessary, you’ll conquer more than regaining a healthy weight. These psychological factors that can block weight loss may also be keeping you from other goals and accomplishments in your life.  Working on your weight loss mindset can bring unexpected benefits in other areas too.

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